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we_r house | 18.09.2020

Manuold - we_r house 10 cover

Cinthie’s we_r house delivers its tenth release mid September, courtesy of Italian artist Manuold.

Hailing from the Sicilian region of Palermo in Italy, Emanuele Macagnone aka Manuold has steadily built a name for himself via releases on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse, DJ Steaw’s House Puff and Esuoh amongst others.

Here we see Manuold joining the we_r house imprint with more low slung House cuts. ‘Liberty’ leads the package and blends crunchy swinging rhythm with penetrating chords, fluttering arpeggios and swelling sub bass tones. ‘Old Road’ follows and tips the focus over to a more classic House feel via an amalgamation of wandering disco strings, funk keys and filtered chords all running alongside a bumpy drum groove.

‘I Remember’ kicks off the B-Side next, edging into deeper territories with ethereal pads, bright strings, organ stabs and airy vocal shots all flowing in unison to create a cinematic feel. ‘Black Skin’ then rounds out the release, stripping things back to a hypnotic, dubbed out feel with hazy vocal chants, a choppy stab driven bassline and an underlying atmospheric tension.

Manuold - we_r house 10 cover


  • Manuold - Liberty
  • Manuold - Old Road
  • Manuold - I Remember
  • Manuold - Black Skin


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