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- Moon Harbour In-house Vol.8

Moon Harbour | 01.06.2018

Moon Harbour In-house Vol.8 cover

After a two-year gap, Moon Harbour’s family focussed In-house series is back with an eighth excellent instalment. Once again it is jam packed with 12 new and exclusive tracks from the likes of label regulars Re.You, Darius Syrossian, boss Matthias Tanzmann, Zohki, Anek, Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi, Yousef and many more.

The Moon Harbour label always pushes the boundaries of tech house. On point A&R means new artists constantly join the family, while long time members continue to evolve and hone their sound so that, in its 18th year, the label is as fresh and exciting as ever. This new compilation once again proves that and is an essential collection of tunes for DJs and dancers alike.

Re.You kicks things off after appearing on the label with Floyd Lavine already in 2018. His ‘Voodoo Tool’ is a tribal number with big drums and plenty of attitude. Do Not Sleep main man Darius Syrossian serves up a typically chunky, sweaty house cut with ‘Hammer’ and Emanuel Satie’s ‘No Sleep’ is a silky bit of house with infectious drums and smooth chord stabs warming it through. The ever-innovative Daniel Stefanik then offers an edgy, tripped out tech cut with sharp hi hats and brain frying synth lines.

‘Concrete’ from label head Tanzmann is a playful tune that teases with breakdowns and sweeping filters before his prickly drums and unhinged vocal sounds drive again. Circus founder Yousef caters to a main room crowd with his huge ‘You Can’t Hide Nothing’ feat. Moji, Zhoki keeps it tight and kinetic with perfectly programmed drums and lush chords, and Danish pair Anek pump it up with big loops and whirring machines that will get hands in the air. A bumping cut from Leftwing & Kody, dubbed out groove from Paul C and bobbing bassline from Tennan then lead into last track ‘Final Call’ by Dan Drastic and regular collaborator Sven Tasnadi. It’s wonky, twisted affair with a wild bassline that brings excellent house looseness to the compilation.

Mixing the right amount of functionality and personality, these are 12 more terrific tracks that will detonate any dance floor.

Moon Harbour In-house Vol.8 cover


  • Re.You - Voodoo Tool
  • Darius Syrossian - Hammer
  • Emanuel Satie - No Sleep
  • Daniel Stefanik - The Type
  • Matthias Tanzmann - Concrete
  • Yousef - You Can't Hide Nothing feat. Moji
  • Zohki - After That
  • Anek - Home Slice
  • Leftwing & Kody - Skatty
  • Paul C - Dubstarr
  • Tennan - Wasted
  • Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi - Final Call


AnekDan DrasticDaniel StefanikDarius SyrossianEmanuel SatieLeftwing & KodyMatthias TanzmannMoon HarbourPaul CRe.YouSven TasnadiTennanYousefZohki

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