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Per Hammar

- Side Effects EP

Infuse | 13.09.2019

Per Hammar - Side Effects EP cover

Following his collaborative ‘Conscious’ EP alongside Rossko earlier this year, Per Hammar returns to FUSE sub-label Infuse with three more standout offerings this September.

Swedish don Per Hammar has been turning out quality dub, house and techno with a dusty sense of atmosphere for more than a decade. In that time, he has established a number of his own labels including Dirty Hands and 10YEARS, while most recently founding De Vloer with Mandar member Malin Genie. Now firmly established as a key protagonist in the underground scene, the Berlin-based talent reasserts that position once more here as he returns to Infuse with his slick three-track ‘Side Effects’ EP.

‘Side Effects’ is a sublime 10-minute excursion into warm depths. Sustained pads drift in the distance as subtle percussion rolls in the foreground keep you locked, whilst soft-edged chords bring colour and soul and ensure this is a warm and hypnotic cut. Next, ‘Document Save’ is a more edgy affair with subtle synth details, samples and trippy pads all weaving in and out of the busy, fluttering drum line that keeps you on your toes. Last of all, ‘Remote Dubb’ is the most visceral on the EP: employing coarse synth textures and bustling drums that are expertly designed to enliven the ‘floor.

Per Hammar ‘Side Effects EP’ drops on Infuse on 13th September 2019.

Per Hammar - Side Effects EP cover


  • Per Hammar - Side Effects
  • Per Hammar - Document Save
  • Per Hammar - Remote Dubb


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