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- Challenging Behaviour EP

Republic Artists Records | 09.04.2015

Saytek - Challenging Behaviour EP cover

Saytek releases ‘Challenging Behaviour EP’ which includes three original cuts from the English artist, being pushed out from Republic Artists Records. With appearances at famous nights and events such as Berlin’s Tresor, Ibiza’s Zoo Project, fabric London and many more. Make Saytek one of the most exciting live acts.

With releases on Soma, My Favorite Robot, Wiggle and Monique Musique to name but a few, here we see Keevill push on with more fresh material offered up via London’s Republic Artists Records. Here we see the EP opened up with ‘Bubbling Under’, a typically raw composition from Saytek fuelled by jangling organic percussion, heavy distorted kicks, rumbling bass tones and menacing synth hooks. The latter half sees some floaty pad lines thrown into the mix but for the most part retains an infectious and dark aesthetic to open things up on a moody tip.

‘Another Acid Track’ follows and as the name would suggest, lays its focus on a moody acid-tinged vibe with squelching 303 hooks, classic 808 style rhythms, ghostly pads and the occasional acid vocal murmur thrown in for good measure. Title cut ‘Challenging Behaviour’ then rounds things off with a penetrating, up-tempo feel, employing a chuggy bass groove and entrancing stab sequences as the driving force while resonant synth sweeps add a frenzied and mind-bending feel to things.

Saytek - Challenging Behaviour EP cover


  • Saytek - Bubbling Under
  • Saytek - Another Acid Track
  • Saytek - Challenging Behaviour


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