Yaya, Picca & Mars - All I Wanted hero

Yaya, Picca & Mars

- All I Wanted

Roush Label | 25.01.2019

Yaya, Picca & Mars - All I Wanted cover

Next up on Roush is a tag team combination from Tamango records frontman Yaya and Apulian duo Picca & Mars ‘All I Wanted’.

With both sides having signed releases to various major labels over the last 12 months, it’s easy to see why we have been delivered such a hard-hitting package in the form of their All I Wanted EP. Opening the release is the title track ‘All I Wanted’, which takes on the personality of your typical Roush-sounding track. Shuffled hat rhythms, huge builds, pounding drum work and a gritty bassline are accompanied by a prominent vocal hook that grabs your attention and refuses to let go; starting the EP strong with a big peak-time club track! Next up ‘Scaccomatto’ keeps the fire burning with its upbeat tech weapon persona.

More heavy drums and original, catchy vocals and pacey percussion meet with a groovy, melodic bassline that will have the most stubborn of dancefloors moving from side to side in no time at all. Lastly, ‘Bubbles Raw’ changes things up a little. A bouncy, sub-heavy track which will have you bobbing your head furiously from the outset, it’s a raw and gritty track that is somehow also squeaky clean which delivers the best of both worlds and leaves your face scrunched up. The standout use of vocals, quirky samples and smart FX in this track are what turns it into a bomb! Yaya and Picca & Mars’ All I Wanted EP is proudly presented to you by Roush Label.

Yaya, Picca & Mars - All I Wanted cover


  • Yaya, Picca & Mars - All I Wanted
  • Yaya, Picca & Mars - Bubbles Raw
  • Yaya, Picca & Mars - Scaccomatto


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