Benoit & Sergio – That’s The Party Talking EP hero

Benoit & Sergio

- That’s The Party Talking EP

Culprit | 10.12.2014

Benoit & Sergio – That’s The Party Talking EP cover

Benoit & Sergio, theres not a label these guys have not represented yet. With popular tracks on Hot Creations and Visionquest. Benoit & Sergio now lend their productions skills to Culprit ‘That’s The Party Talking EP’. Set for release in early December.

The three track EP, has been road tested by the lads during there live dj dates, and the feedback has been spot on. With their second release for Culprit, this time the lads bring the party vibes. The title of the EP says it all, with all three tracks ‘Ibiza Bass’, ‘That’s The Party Talking’ and ‘You Might Say’ all have the mood and character for any peak time party.

Catchy synth hooks and deep bass line flow through out the EP, although the three tracks do have their own individual character and flair. Low-end­heavy melodic house that’s full of anthemic quality in ‘Ibiza Bass’. Electronic funk, with a touch of sleaze in ‘That’s The Party Talking’ Last track on the ‘That’s The Party Talking EP’ is a tongue­in ­cheek, mega bouncy, disco­infused opus, tailor ­made for afternoon delight or a mid-­morning afterparty shake in ‘You Might Say’.

Benoit & Sergio – That’s The Party Talking EP cover


  • Ibiza Bass
  • That’s The Party Talking
  • You Might Say


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