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Eats Everything

- Girl Powder EP

Edible Music | 21.10.2016

Eats Everything - Girl Powder EP cover

Eats Everything makes his much-anticipated Edible label debut with the ‘Girl Powder’ EP, his first release since January of this year, and the first to land on his own imprint. Comprising two new tracks, ‘Rita’s E’ and ‘Veronica Electronica’, the release will drop at the end of October on 10” vinyl and digital download.

2016 has already been a huge ride for the Bristolian DJ & producer extraordinaire; along with huge club cuts ‘The Duster’ (featuring Green Velvet) and ‘Big Discs’, remixes for Disclosure and Green Velvet (taking the classic ‘Flash’ track to dizzying new heights), Eats mixed the 86th edition of Fabric’s fabled compilation series back in February.

And as the Edible label edges towards its first anniversary, a slew of highly well received releases from the likes of Rhythm Masters, Jesse Perez, Lauren Lane, Lord Leopard and Brett Johnson, have established the imprint as a consistent force for quality house music.

With its infectious bassline, dubbed out keys and vocal call to arms, ‘Rita’s E’ find Eats on top form, carving out an energetic and funky club cut, whilst ‘Veronica Electronica’ gets deep, down and twisted with its duetting vocal delivery, hard hitting drums and rave-esque sirens.

Eats Everything - Girl Powder EP cover


  • Eats Everything - Rita’s E
  • Eats Everything - Veronica Electronica


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