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Futureboogie Records | 18.08.2014

Futureboogie Recordings - SUMMER RIOT III cover

Last few weeks of the summer season is drawing near and bristol’s Futureboogie Recordings have released their SUMMER RIOT III compilation just in time to keep the summer vibes fresh in the air. The compilation sees top picked artists from the Outboxx, Buckley, Phoenix Pearle, Waifs & Strays and Kemback all getting an outing on the EP. Number three in series which has been a main feature on the Futureboogie Recordings calendar.

Outboxx lads start the EP off with ‘Feel Your Love’. A deep groovy production with hot 808 hats rinsing through the track, make this a hot track to start the compilation. Leeds rising starts Buckley makes his debut on Futureboogie Records with ‘The Red Road’, Bringing the disco vibes to EP. Waifs & Strays have been resident Futureboogie Records producers for some time now, but have not released a track on the label for over a year. ‘Now Come’ brings the boys back with a heavy deep production but keep there signature jacking vibes in the frame of the track. Finishing off the EP is Kemback with ‘Mistake’, Deep house sounds resonate through the track, slow wind down feel. Great way to finish the compilation.

Futureboogie Recordings - SUMMER RIOT III cover


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