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Joyce Muniz

- What’s Your Name

Poker Flat | 03.04.2020

Joyce Muniz - What’s Your Name cover

Joyce Muniz is a DJ, producer and singer from Vienna with Brazilian roots, who has been making waves around Europe for a number of years. Now relocated to Berlin, Muniz has a string of amazing releases on the likes of Exploited, K7!, Get Physcial and 2020 Vision.

On Steve Bug’s flagship label, Joyce Muniz now drops What’s Your Name with the hugely talented Demetrius on vocal duties. The full version is a tough tech house groover that bumps and swings via a sick rhythm section and thick, rolling bass pulse.

Demetrius’s low slung vocals add to the sleezey, edgy vibe of the track. The instrumental offers DJs a vocalless version that really lets the bass come to the fore.

Joyce Muniz - What’s Your Name cover


  • Joyce Muniz - What’s Your Name


Joyce MunizPoker Flat

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