Laura Jones - Eskipade EP hero

Laura Jones

- Eskipade EP

Visionquest | 15.12.2014

Laura Jones - Eskipade EP cover

Killer cuts once again from Laura Jones, on Visionquest with ‘Eskipade’. The EP includes two original tracks and a remix from Swedish techno producer OCH. Set for a release date over the festive period, we can see this EP being popular over the winter months.

Jone’s second EP for the Visionquest imprint, which shows just how popular she is amongst the Visionquest and Leftroom following. Having just rounded off with a summer season living on the Ibiza island, playing regularly for DC-10. Jones hits us with these two hotly anticipated EP ‘Eskipade’.

Both tracks ‘Eskipade’ and ‘Crux’ are hypnotic raw acid tracks with all the key ingredients to bring any club to life. Jones has this to say about the EP.

“Ive been known for making tracks heavy on melodies and synth riffs but the next tracks you’re going to hear from me are a bit more stripped back and raw. A bit more rave ready and underground and inspired by all the records I’ve been buying over the years. I know a lot of people in this industry go a long way from churning out the same thing over and over again but that doesn’t really interest me. We are always evolving musically and I’d rather keep moving forward than stay on the same page.”

Laura Jones - Eskipade EP cover


  • Eskipade
  • Crux
  • Eskipade (OCH Remix)


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