Makcim & Levi – More Lettuce EP hero

Makcim & Levi

- More Lettuce EP

Apollonia | 06.2015

Makcim & Levi – More Lettuce EP cover

Apollonia’s latest release comes from dutch duo Makcim & Levi with ‘More Lettuce EP’. Causing waves in their native country of Holland, The Apollonia crew Dyed Soundorum, Dan Genacia and Shonky felt the EP from the guys fits perfectly within the Apollonia vibes.

Makcim & Levi’s first release together on Raum Musik found its way into Apollonia’s sets, and now they’ve got together once again to produce their second EP just for the Apollonia guys. ‘More Lettuce EP’ is made for Apollonia, in the sense that it has that old rustic French sound, with
dark groovy energy throughout the EP.

For starters we have ‘More Lettuce’, a gritty tech-driven monster on a mission. With its gravely percussion and air-raid siren-esque effects this is a surefire dance floor killer… listen out for the switch of pace, class. This is followed by ‘Tegel’, presumably named after the airport in Berlin. With this we get a kind of dingy Berlin vibe; morose, grey yet ingrained with a bouncing energy that you just can’t help but bop your head to.

On the flip side ‘Thaiman’ injects a slightly odd feel to the EP with warped, muted sounds meandering around a subtle bassline. Finally, Makcim & Levi close up the EP with ‘Dope Erwt’ another roller that will enchant the dance floor from the start, building into a bright, airy breakdown before continuing in its somber yet groovy manner.

Makcim & Levi – More Lettuce EP cover


  • Makcim & Levi - More Lettuce
  • Makcim & Levi - Tegel
  • Makcim & Levi - Thaiman
  • Makcim & Levi - Dope Erwt


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