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Diego Krause

- Right About Now Ep

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Diego Krause - Right About Now Ep cover

German owner of “Union Wax” and “Beste Modus” records releases his brand new EP signed to “Apollonia”. The title “Right About Now” brings together groove, funk and soul which is not unusal for a release by the Apollonia guys. “Diego Krause” provides them late night grooves with “Manitu” and a taste of whats to come.

From the word go the tracks baseline sucks you right in, coupled with skipping hi hats and a solid beat. The production skills are second to none on this, with the compressor working hard. Naughty late night beats can only decribe “Manitu”.

Exciting times for imprint “Apollonia” which seems to heading towards world domination.

Diego Krause - Right About Now Ep cover


  • Diego Krause - Right About Now
  • Diego Krause - Manitu
  • Diego Krause - Dreams


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