Manuel De Lorenzi - Obsession EP hero

Manuel De Lorenzi

- Obsession EP

Moss Co. | 13.12.2019

Manuel De Lorenzi - Obsession EP cover

Monday Morning Records boss Manuel De Lorenzi heads to Archie Hamilton’s Moss Co. with ‘Obsession’, featuring a remix from Parisian artist Djebali.

Manuel De Lorenzi first established his roots playing alongside the likes of Tom Clark and Dyed Soundorom at renowned Italian clubs Aqva Disco Village and Buongiorno Classic. Since his first residency at Aqva and a wealth of parties at Buongiorno, Lorenzi has gone on to become a prolific producer with previous releases on Kindisch, Bamboleo and Play Groove. He is now joined by globetrotting DJ, label head and REX Club regular, Djebali, who delivers on the remix duties.

‘Obsession’ opens with a punchy bassline, vocal stabs, rhythm carrying cymbals, and flying synths before ‘Cappuccino’ takes an organically percussive route with an infectious drum pattern, clean hats, and evolving keys. Djebali then continues down the percussive vein on his remix of ‘Cappuccino’ with stereo effects, a pumping sub-bass riff, pulsing congas, and clean mid-range kicks.

Manuel De Lorenzi ‘Obsession’ drops on Moss Co. on 13th December 2019.

Manuel De Lorenzi - Obsession EP cover


  • Manuel De Lorenzi - Obsession
  • Manuel De Lorenzi - Cappuccino
  • Manuel De Lorenzi - Cappuccino (Djebali Remix)


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