Mat.Joe & CamelPhat - Bang 2 Drum EP hero

Mat.Joe & CamelPhat

- Bang 2 Drum EP

Elrow Music | 13.11.2017

Mat.Joe & CamelPhat - Bang 2 Drum EP cover

For the first time in Elrow Musics history, they are presenting a foursome of authors in an EP with two duos joining forces in the name of elrow Music. The British duo CamelPhat and German duo Mat.Joe debut as a quartet with a two tracker that goes by the name of World In Action EP.

With the usual aesthetics of any elrow Music track, the EP opens up with World In Action (Original Mix), that besides being the track title is the big killer of this work. With a slow but steady beginning, the song has a wonderful and techy progression that adds elements as it advances, with an amazing set of synths and a vocal line that reminds us any news report from our local channel with funny statements about acid house and electronic music. A real banger.

Then we have Bang 2 Drum (Original Mix), that starts with a different vibe, a more direct take into the dancefloor with crazy sound FX that run in the same line as the vocals, until the acid synth lines come into the game, twisting bodies and minds alike and with no mercy. Another great debut brought to you by elrow Musics line of bangers, keeping the good vibes up for the coldest times of the year. Stay tuned for more!

Mat.Joe & CamelPhat - Bang 2 Drum EP cover


  • Mat.Joe & CamelPhat - Bang 2 Drum
  • CamelPhat & Mat.Joe - World In Action


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