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ONNO & Lauhaus

- Blender EP

Upon.You | 07.08.2017

ONNO & Lauhaus – Blender EP cover

For the first time ever, Upon.You Records sees the Netherlands-based friends ONNO & Lauhaus team up for a collaborative full on single release effort which is about to be released under the name of “Blender”.

“Highball”, the title track of this sweet four tracker, explores the grey area between proper TechHouse and MinimalTechno, presenting a clean and precise attitude, spooky voice distortions and complex atmospheric layers reflecting our modern times and the slick, concrete and neon architecture they’re supposed to be played in.

With “French 75”, ONNO & Lauhaus weigh in a raw and hypnotic attitude, stripping Techno down to its very core with short, abstract synth tone modulations, sharp hi-hats and an off-melodic main motif that adds a distinct eerieness to the tunes drive before beautifully crafted motor city pads take over and the whole floor lifts off.

The next cut is “Southside“, bringing on percussion focused, fever’ish late night heat for all in-trance crowds just following the ever present beat command whilst subtle vocal snippets and abstract sweeps are entering their brains to ultimately alter their consciousness and perception of reality like a proper voodoo ritual.

Finally, the “Highball” Warehouse Edit reveals the brutalist side of ONNO & Lauhaus collaborational session and turns the original tune into a massive banger made to cause havoc in largescale warehouse raves due to the use of stomping, merciless bassdrums, big time reverbs, hard, compressed claps and firing signals. Think of fog machines, laser lights, unrestricted volume levels and strobes on maximum speed as the only possibly surrounding to play this one in.

ONNO & Lauhaus – Blender EP cover


  • ONNO & Lauhaus – Highball (Original Mix)
  • ONNO & Lauhaus – French 75 (Original Mix)
  • ONNO & Lauhaus – Southside (Original Mix)
  • ONNO & Lauhaus – Highball (Warehouse Edit)



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