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PillowTalk Music | 23.02.2018

PillowTalk - Been A Long Time EP cover

Starting the New Year off with extremely exciting times here at PillowTalk Music with the label’s first release, Hold Me Down , which dropped mid-December 2017. The track received enormous response from press, industry friends, fellow DJs, as well as family and fans alike. Going into 2018 the band is keeping the music flowing with the label’s second release and PillowTalk’s first record of the year, Been A Long Time , from their sophomore album scheduled for release April 2018 entitled, All People . Here is a sneak peak into what to expect from these talented, diverse musicians, performers, and composers who are overly thrilled to finally share the fruits of their hard labor.

Been A Long Time and After The Fall showcase the organic, live and raw, indie rock sound inspired by and reminiscent of their New York counterparts, LCD Soundsystem, and the legendary band, Talking Heads. These two dance songs are guaranteed to attract a crossover audience while still appealing to the forever loyal PillowTalk electronic fan base. Keeping the new release true to the early record label structure, it features two new original mixes along with a killer instrumental / DJ tool for some creative and fun remixing or late night Karaoke.

The self-titled lead track, Been A Long Time , is a song about love and loss, depicting the endless reasons of uncertainty in a dwindling relationship. Rejoining the PillowTalk family is background vocalist, Hannah Noelle, who was first featured on the single, Hold Me Down , adding some spice to the vocal harmonies alongside lead vocalist, Sammy D. The two generate an undeniable chemistry, whose voices in unison take you back to the golden age of classic soul music. Long time friend, producer, DJ and artist, Derrick Boyd, a.k.a. Tone of Arc, also plays an integral part in the composition of both original tunes with his signature guitar arrangements and dirty, live bass lines, layered heavily with driving heavy drums, percussion, rhodes and synth melodies played by Ryan Williams, Michael Tello and Shane Duryea. When listening to this tune, the listener will feel like they are literally standing in front of one of the band’s diverse and energetic live shows.

PillowTalk Music invites you to enjoy, After The Fall, an eccentric springtime indie dance anthem exploring the diverse taste and style of the band. Joined again by, Derrick Boyd on bass and guitar, you will see how both artists open their hearts and love of California’s Classic Rock era. Even with the catchy lyrics and message the energy and uplifting character of the drums, keyboards, synths, guitars and bass will leave you dancing in circles in your mind or on any dancefloor.

PillowTalk - Been A Long Time EP cover


  • PillowTalk - Been A Long Time
  • PillowTalk - After The Fall
  • PillowTalk - After The Fall (Instrumental)


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