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- Roush ADE Sampler 2018

Roush Label | 12.10.2018

Roush ADE Sampler 2018 cover

Roush unveils a fresh fifteen-track sampler ahead of ADE 2018, featuring tracks from Javi Bora, Rich Wakley, Atove, Paco Wegmann, Elio Riso and more.

Hector Couto’s Roush continues its fifth year celebrations into October and marks yet another staple in the electronic music calendar with a fresh multi-artist sampler, this time in preparation for 2018’s Amsterdam Dance Event. With the label’s annual samplers being a stand-out for many, both fans and artists can be sure to pick up some essential peak time productions ahead of this years event courtesy of fifteen new tracks set to showcase the label’s dynamic sound.

Venezuelan DJ Lugo opens proceedings with ‘Divine Blessing’, featuring the native vocals of Josuat Pineda, before a triple collaboration from Paco Wegmann, Javi Bora & TapeOut entitled ‘What’s This Record?’ employs robust drums amongst funk-infused guitar licks. HouseBreakers’ ‘Words Anyway’ and Ismael Casimiro’s ‘Bitches Wanna’ both utilise throwback samples and slick drum breaks to great effect, before rolling into Rich Wakley & Atove’s ‘Prismatic Beat’. Snarling bass licks and contrasting female vocals fuel Marco Grosso’s ‘Reflex’, before a return to more percussive territories in Diego Lima & Gianni Firmaio’s ‘We Got Power’ and the warping synths of Lucio Spain & Elio Riso’s ‘Games In Mind’.

Riaz Dhanani’s ‘Pick It Up’ and Modest & Engelhart both lay the focus on organic sounds and tones throughout their contributions, whilst Marco C.’s ‘Bad Boyz’ takes up a breaks-influenced arrangement, switching up proceedings. Next up, Ario’s ‘Can You Here Me’ packs a healthy offering of sub-bass, whilst Chris Main raises the energy through his driving production ‘Feelings’, something echoed through the use of tough drum arrangements in Federico Ambrosi’s ‘Flash Fire’, before Agus Garcia rounds out the package with his groove-heavy cut entitled ‘Dancing’.

Roush ADE Sampler 2018 cover


  • DJ Lugo Ft Josuat Pineda - Divine Blessing
  • Paco Wegmann, Javi Bora & Tapeout - What’s This Record?
  • Housebreakers - Words Anyway
  • Ismael Casimiro - Bitches Wanna
  • Rich Wakley & Atove - Prismatic Beat
  • Marco Grosso - Reflex
  • Diego Lima, Gianni Firmaio - We Got Power
  • Lucio Spain, Elio Riso - Games In My Mind
  • Riaz Dhanani - Pick It Up
  • Marco C. - BAD BOYZ
  • Ario - Can You Here Me
  • Chris Main - Feelings
  • Modèst & Engelhart - To The Back
  • Federico Ambrosi - Fire Flash
  • Agus Garcia - Dancing


Agus GarciaArioAtoveChris MainDiego LimaDJ LugoElio RisoEngelhartFederico AmbrosiGianni FirmaioHousebreakersIsmael CasimiroJavi BoraLucio SpainMarco CMarco GrossoModèstPaco WegmannRiaz DhananiRich WakleyRoush LabelTapeout

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