Skream & Michael Bibi - Otto’s Chant hero

Skream & Michael Bibi

- Otto’s Chant

Solid Grooves Records | 24.05.2019

Skream & Michael Bibi - Otto’s Chant cover

Skream debuts on Solid Grooves alongside label co-founder Michael Bibi as they deliver their highly anticipated collaboration ‘Otto’s Chant’ this May.

Founded in 2015, Michael Bibi and PAWSA’s Solid Grooves imprint now stands as one the industry’s most talked about and respected labels. With releases to date from guest artists including Leftwing : Kody and ANOTR through to label affiliates such as Dennis Cruz, Reelow and Eddy M, the label now welcomes UK dance music pioneer Skream as he offers up his first contribution alongside co-founder Michael Bibi. Following a series of studio sessions and countless months of road testing, late-May will finally welcome the release of their first ever collaboration ‘Otto’s Chant’, in turn ending the wait for one of the most anticipated and sought-after collaborations of the year.

Combining Skream’s quintessential track programming and trademark Michael Bibi drums, the up-front ‘Otto’s Chant’ lays down raw, robust kicks and rumbling bass guided by off-kilter samples and vocal snippets drawn from a source known to many, resulting in a must-have cut and the first in a string of potential collaborations that look set to dominate dancefloors across the globe.

Skream & Michael Bibi - Otto’s Chant cover


  • Skream & Michael Bibi - Otto’s Chant


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