Solis - Slfknwldg EP hero


- Slfknwldg EP

Oblack Records | 24.09.2017

Solis - Slfknwldg EP cover

After five years of hard work and creating their first two series of music (Vinyl Series and Digital Series), Oblack Label present a new sound world in which they will bet on new trends as well as new artists who are creating new bits with influences from all corners of the world. Oblack want to introduce you to their new Raw Series, a concept of avant-garde and different music for a group of demanding and advanced artists. It’s time to dance, it’s time for Raw Series by Oblack.

Solis - Slfknwldg EP cover


  • Solis - Wu wei (Original Mix)
  • Solis - Vivekananda (Original Mix)
  • Solis - Antahkarana (Original Mix)
  • Solis - Vaishnava (Original Mix)


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