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Trangaz & Jean Pierre

- Mirame EP

Celesta Recordings | 04.12.2017

Trangaz & Jean Pierre - Mirame EP cover

AJ Christou’s Celesta Recordings returns early December with Trangaz & Jean Pierre’s ‘Mirame’ EP, accompanied by a Matt Tolfrey remix.

Since its launch in January of 2015 AJ Chistou has showcased a wide array of contemporary talent via his Celesta imprint, welcoming the likes of Ray Okpara, Hermanez, Sascha Dive, Christian Burkhardt and Caleb Calloway onto the roster for originals and remixes, as well as throwing in some of his own material as well. Here we see make two new editions with New York based producers Trangaz and Jean Pierre fresh off the back of the house veteran Todd Terry editing their ‘Celes’ track for his Terminator Records imprint.

Title-track ‘Mirame’ takes the lead with bumpy snares, an amalgamation of processed vocal phrases and bulbous sub bass tones driving the composition before ‘Hoarded’ tips the focus over to crunchy distorted rhythms and modulating percussion running alongside vocal chops and a chugging bass groove.

‘La Liberacion’ retains a similar aesthetic with shuffling shakers, murky spoken word vocals hidden in the depths and howling atmospherics throughout. Matt Tolfrey’s take on ‘Mirame’ then rounds out the release, stripping things back to pulsating low-end tones, swinging drums and filtered sweeps of the original’s vocals.

Trangaz & Jean Pierre’s ‘Mirame’ EP is out on Celesta Recordings 4th December 2017.

Trangaz & Jean Pierre - Mirame EP cover


  • Trangaz & Jean Pierre - Mirame
  • Trangaz & Jean Pierre - Hoarder
  • Trangaz & Jean Pierre - La Liberacion
  • Trangaz & Jean Pierre - Mirame (Matt Tolfrey Remix)


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