Tuccillo, Djebali & John Dimas -  Island Jam EP hero

Tuccillo, Djebali & John Dimas

- Island Jam EP

Holic Trax | 06.07.2015

Tuccillo, Djebali & John Dimas -  Island Jam EP cover

On the rise once again, Tomoki Tamura’s pure house label Holic Trax is back with more trend setting hits with this excellent new EP from Tuccillo, Djebali & John Dimas. The “Island Jam” EP which falls this July is another tasteful EP of no nonsense modern house music that is stuffed with real feeling and plenty of proud production aesthetics.

Up first is the fresh sounding ‘A View From’ with John Dimas. Lively and spritely, with groovy bass and energetic drums, this one is a bubbly, charming cut that cannot fail to make you want to move on the dance floor. The two then team up for ‘Live 23’ which gets edited by Tamura into a much quicker and slicker, techno leaning effort with rubbery bass and bleeps as well as some soulful and emotive pads.

‘Atuler’ feat Djebali then gets back to a more jacking style with firm hits and lots of reverb making for a fat bottomed groove. Some garage percussion adds an irresistible sense of skip to the track and some carefully treated vocals float about inside it adding yet another fine layer.

Then comes vinyl only bonus ‘1st Floor,’ again with Djebali. This brilliant track is subtle and deep, seductive and filled with soul. As well as being driven forward at an inviting pace, more mysterious voices pan left and right and trap you right at the heart of the lush atmospheres this pair create.

Tuccillo, Djebali & John Dimas -  Island Jam EP cover


  • A View From
  • Live 23 (Tomoki Tamura edit)
  • Atuler
  • 1st Floor (Vinyl Only)


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