Wax Wings ft. Nimmo - Reclaim Me hero

Wax Wings ft. Nimmo

- Reclaim Me

He.She.They | 02.10.2020

Wax Wings ft. Nimmo - Reclaim Me cover

Fresh from the label’s soft launch earlier this January, that saw Techno’s punk princess Louisahhh incept the imprint with Chaos / A Hard No, acclaimed diversity championing party series He.She.They. continue their release schedule this October with a single from their long term resident, British-Brazilian artist Wax Wings, in collaboration with London duo, Nimmo.

Speaking of how the release came together, Wax Wings described how the “pairing of an upbeat track with painfully emotional lyrics creates a magically addictive juxtaposition that had always fascinated me”, echoing Nimmo’s feeling that the single “explores something darker and sexier than our usual, both lyrically and melodically.”

Such raw emotion is the overarching theme of the single, as Nimmo’s poignant vocals echo the rallying cry to “reclaim me”. The foundation of the track comes from Wax Wings, whose underpinning garage-laced bassline moulds into an idyllic backbone for Nimmo’s stirring lyrical solo. Deeply touching, the pensive nature of the track reflects themes of love, hurt and struggle, to form a beautifully-crafted record that all can relate to.

Reclaim Me will be released on the 2nd of October, forming a release that embodies the He.She.They. ethos with each artist being part of the queer community, as well as representing different ages and ethncicites. A bespoke music video, directed by Kassandra Powell, will also be released alongside the single, filmed on location in East London and forthcoming remixes from Maya Jane Coles and Absolute.

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Wax Wings ft. Nimmo - Reclaim Me cover


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