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Acid Lane

- Never Ending Moments

Warung Recordings | 17.05.2017

Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments cover

The next outing on Warung Recordings is from the new collaborative duo of hot house hit maker Lauren Lane and Ibiza based duo Acid Mondays. Together they are Acid Lane and here they serve up one new single with vocals from Carolina Guerra, with a remix done by each of the acts involved.

Lauren Lane is an LA based artist who has released on Saved Records and Edible and plays places like BPM Festival, Paradise, Warung. She has a fresh and high impact sound and Acid Mondays are known for kicking out rugged jams on labels like Illusion, One Records and 2020 Vision, and are regular players at such places like Circoloco, Fabric, Elrow & The Warehouse Project.

First up here is ‘Never Ending Moments’, a firmly rooted house cut with intoxicating vocals swirling about above rippling synth chords. It is steamy and seductive yet hugely driven and will make for some emotive moments in any set.

As well as an instrumental that strips the vocals away and makes it a pure physical track, Lauren then serves up a Dub that is warm and fleshed out with more bass and wandering lead synths as well as some whispery vocals that lend it a late night feel.

Last of all, Acid Mondays serve up a 5D dub that is nearly nine minutes of hard hitting, high pressure house with slamming hits and kicks and weird vocals all stitched into the groove. It is a peak time cut with lots of trippy effects and is sure to carry dance floors away in style.

This is a fine EP from two of the best in the game.

Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments cover


  • Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments (Original Mix)
  • Acid Lane - Never Endings Moments (Instrumental)
  • Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments (Lauren Lane Dub Mix)
  • Acid Lane - Never Ending Moments (Acid Mondays 5D Dub)


Acid MondaysLauren Lane

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