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Andre Crom

- Expansion EP

Ovum Recordings | 19.01.2018

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Welcomed to Ovum Recordings for his first release on the label is German artist Andre Crom, who in the past months has featured on imprints like 100% Pure, Sleaze (UK) and his own OFF Recordings.

Andre Crom is an eclectic DJ and producer with an open minded approach to music, which equally incorporates both house and techno, but recently he has been exploring the more techno focused side of his tastes, and this fantastic new release is testament to his love of all things underground.

With four diverse tracks that are suited to situations ranging from sweaty clubs to big festival floors, this release is made with a keen attention to detail, and showcases how a truly skilled producer can masterfully capture the sound of different genres without compromising on their artistic integrity.

The first track ‘Expansion’ starts with phasy industrial percussion that creates a rolling groove rich with claps and mechanical hi-hats. Brutal and eloquent, the track unfolds to introduce Detroit influenced dubby pads that have a deep and dusty aesthetic, and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Second on the release ‘Work It’ has a thumping kick drum at its centre, which sits under fast flowing hi-hats and pulsating percussion hits. Stripped back and understated, there is something tribal about the rhythms and the commanding vocal chant that gives the track its name.

‘Chordal’ is third on the EP with pitched chords stabs that combine with eerie building pads to create a hypnotising and tense groove. Relentless in its blissful assault, the track lifts and ripples as the pads take control and suck you into this shuddering masterpiece.

Finishing the release is ‘Feel’ which comes in both a Vocal and Dub version, each of which is propelled by pitched tom drums and snare roles. High energy and intense, this track finishes the EP with a bang and grows ever more captivating as it develops into the distortion of the filtered breakdown.

dummy imageAndre Crom - Expansion EP cover


  • Andre Crom - Expansion
  • Andre Crom - Work It
  • Andre Crom - Chordal
  • Andre Crom - Feel (Vox Mix)
  • Andre Crom - Feel (Dub Mix)


Andre Crom

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