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Josh Wink

- Denial

Ovum Recordings | 05.2015

Josh Wink - Denial cover

20 years have past since Josh Wink setup the world recognised and respected Ovum Records. ‘Denial’ is up next for the label and its from label owner Wink himself. Its a dark techno track which we just love to hear at Upfrontbeats. Already gaining huge support from BBC Radio 1 and Jackathon maestro Heidi this track is the business.

Hypnotic vibes flow through the track with a fast paced edge bringing the track to life. Laced with a futurist vocal snippet, a solid groove and some tight 909 claps bringing ‘Denial’ into a breed of its own, exactly like ‘Higher States of Consciousness’ did when it was first released in 1995.

Wink has not stopped there including ‘Denial’ remixes ‘Prise d’acid’ & ‘Tweak Dubs. The first version Wink has really stepped the track up a gear with a fatter kick drum, and adding some extra percussion work giving it a more peak time club edge.

The latter ‘Tweak Dub’ version Wink strips the track to its raw elements, primally Wink has focused on the solid groove that ‘Denial’ brings

Set for a big release for Ovum Recordings, this is what Josh Wink had to say about the record.

“I enjoy my role as a kind of musical therapist, helping people get in to the now and present; leaving their concerns of whatever behind and surrendering to the moment to be one with the music… ‘Denial’ is my musical interpretation of where my head is as a DJ; it’s cerebral, eyes closed, getting lost in the music, techno with a heavy nod to the journey of getting lost. The message is to live in the present, remember the past and trust the future.”

Josh Wink - Denial cover


  • Josh WInk - Original
  • Josh Wink - Prise D'acid
  • Josh Wink - Tweak Dub


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Josh Wink b2b Steve Bug @ Kehakuma cover
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