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Exploris | July

Ejeca - Rick Flair cover

Exploris is Ejeca new record label and who else can be the first release. Ejeca is releasing a three track EP. Nominated for best breakthrough producer at Best of Bristh 2013. His style and his productions are among the best of the current music scene. With his latest releases being on Aus and 2020 Vision, which have put on the right path to running his own label.

Rick Flair, Skitter and Prototype are the tracks on the Ep. With the Rick Flair being the titled track, the sound is a bit different from his big hit Rosario. But his very catchy. With a release date set in July we can be sure that this will be rinsed on the radio and the clubs

  • Ejeca – Rick Flair
  • Ejeca – Skitter
  • Ejeca – Prototype
Ejeca - Rick Flair cover


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