DJ Sneak - Phreakin Booty Attacks EP hero

DJ Sneak

- Phreakin Booty Attacks EP

Reptile Dysfunction | 01.12.2017

DJ Sneak - Phreakin Booty Attacks EP cover

Doorly enlists the one and only DJ Sneak for an outing on his singular Reptile Dysfunction label, who delivers a sleazy house triumph with the Phreakin Booty Attacks EP.

One of house music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak’s signature sounds – funky filtered disco-influenced house and tough, jacking beats – have revolutionized and redefined house music for more than two decades. Phreaking Booty Ho EP is exactly what you’d expect from the original house gangster: sleazy, dirty, jackin, acid-inflected house music at its very finest, that also includes a collab with one of Russia’s most revered underground producers Tripmastaz.

“Seven releases into this wonderful project that is Reptile Dysfunction and it’s a huge honour to welcome one of my major musical inspirations to the label for his EP, the legendary DJ Sneak.

“We only actually met this summer on a rave cruise: we ended up getting on really well and playing B2B one night with Doc Martin and Todd Terry and our sounds seemed to fit like a glove. So we decided to start working on some music together. Until we drop those beasts, Sneak had so much unreleased music you don’t even know, so we put together this EP to give you a little taste.” Doorly

DJ Sneak - Phreakin Booty Attacks EP cover


  • DJ Sneak & Tripmastaz - Booty Ho
  • DJ Sneak - Sneak Attacks
  • DJ Sneak & Tripmastaz - BOOTY HO (Doorly’s Rub For The Club)
  • DJ Sneak - Beat Phreakin (Tripmastaz EDIT)


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