Emery Warman - Heavy Duty Dolls hero

Emery Warman

- Heavy Duty Dolls

VIVa LIMITED | 13.05.2016

Emery Warman - Heavy Duty Dolls cover

Emery is someone who has been toiling away for many years, at first mostly on his local scene. Recent years have seen him break through to make bigger waves further afield and has been getting more and more international gigs as a result along with releasing on the likes of Deeperfect & D-Floor. Only producing for two years, he has already had some huge tracks that have been getting heavy plays by Music On boss, Ibiza big wig and global techno pin up Marco Carola. Emery also runs his own party and event agency under the name of Beloved and now comes correct on Steve Lawler’s VIVa LIMITED.

Opener Heavy Duty Dolls is seven minutes of tantalising tech with tribal tinged drums and a rising sense of tension throughout. The infectious groove is underpinned by rich, bubbling rubber drums and loopy bass that sucks you right in. The equally excellent King Kongas is another fresh proposition with eerie atmospheres, female monologues and big drums that are slick and nimble. Playful perc and synth stabs ensure maximum impact on the floor and Wade remix strips things back into a more punchy and technoid track that is perfectly sweaty.

No Matter What then layers up clever effects and metallic hi hats with loopy drums and sweeping filters into an all out tech assault. It’s perfectly balanced and will hook dance floors in with style. Lastly, That’s The Way is full of intricate little sounds and details, whirs and claps that pepper the chunky groove with real electronic soul and atmosphere.

This is proper dancing music made with real charm and class. As such it is sure to be another big time release for both label and artist.

Emery Warman - Heavy Duty Dolls cover


  • Emery Warman - Heavy Duty Dolls
  • Emery Warman - King Kongas (Original Mix)
  • Emery Warman - King Kongas (Wade Remix)
  • Emery Warman - That’s The Way
  • Emery Warman - No Matter What


Emery WarmanVIVa LIMITEDWade

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