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- Uhh Ohh EP

Jacky & Friends | 25.01.2019

Jacky - Uhh Ohh EP cover

Having established himself on some of the biggest labels of the day, no-one’s favourite curly haired DJ Jacky squanders any further opportunities by stepping out with his own new label. After many hours consultation and some key focus group meetings, he’s decided to call it, um…Jacky & Friends. All that’s left is to find some actual friends who are crazy enough to release with him and you can be assured the label will become a reliable outlet for some high grade dance floor weaponry.

In all seriousness, Jacky & Friends is an already well known party brand that has left a trail of madness and ever increasing fan bases from Manchester to Ibiza, Newcastle to Croatia. Couple that with Jacky’s own electrifying sets and tunes on VIVA, DFTD, Elrow Music and many others, and it makes sense to now step out with a brand new label.

Jacky has long been deeply immersed in the scene so says, “I was finding so much amazing music from friends in the industry, and more importantly from new artists whom I had never heard of, that I thought it would be such a waste not to show this music to the world – the label is the perfect way to do this.”

Just kidding. That’s what Jacky told us to say he said. The reality is he was just sick to death of sitting at his computer refreshing his inbox 13 times a minute after sending a shit load of demos out, so having his own label solved that problem.

At this point, then, you will be expecting a tedious run down of the music, but instead of that Jacky wants to let the music do the talking. The first EP features four big tracks made up of two originals from the man himself, plus some massive remixes from hot house talents Huxley and Kreature that take house music in big and bold new directions.

The future already looks bright with more EPs scheduled from Ying Yang and Ren Philips, Truth Be Told and many more right through to next summer. As such, Jacky & Friends are coming for your ass in 2019.

Huxley - Who Sez cover
TRACK | 05.10.2020

Who Sez


Toolroom Records

Kreature - Stepper cover
TRACK | 30.03.2020



Solid Grooves RAW

Jacky & Holmes John - Push cover
TRACK | 23.09.2019


Jacky & Holmes John


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Jacky & Holmes John - Push cover
TRACK | 23.09.2019


Jacky & Holmes John


Jacky & Toochi - Champagne cover
TRACK | 30.08.2018


Jacky & Toochi

Roush Label

Jacky - Apache EP cover
TRACK | 25.10.2016

Apache EP


Red Lunar Records

- Jacky & Friends Tracks

Truth Be Told - Hypnotik EP cover
TRACK | 04.03.2019

Hypnotik EP

Truth Be Told

Jacky & Friends

YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - AAA EP cover
TRACK | 11.02.2019


YINGYANG & Ren Phillips

Jacky & Friends

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