Los Pastores - Reminder EP hero

Los Pastores

- Reminder EP

Decay Records | 27.07.2018

Los Pastores - Reminder EP cover

Oblack founders Los Pastores join Davide Zeta’s Decay Records this July with three original cuts and Matt Tolfrey and Igor Vicente remixes.

Valencian duo Los Pastores have been releasing material on Djebali, Roush, Deeperfect, Sanity and Inmeru over the past few years, as well as their own Oblack record label. Now, the duo joins the likes of Jay Tripwire, Carlos Sanchez and tIJN with their ‘Reminder’ EP on Decay Records.

Title track ‘Reminder’ kicks off the package with a a plethora of metallic sounding effects which ebb and flow through the record alongside a heavily reverberated snare and delayed, filtered vocals. Leftroom founder Matt Tolfrey then opts for a faster paced take with snappy claps and a dark modulated bass before ‘Challenger’ presents lo-fi drums and choppy vocals combined with underpinning pad swells to keep things atmospheric and tension building.

Igor Vincente follows with his take on ‘Challenger’ following early support from Jamie Jones at Time Warp earlier this year. Vicente’s upbeat approach to the track brings a thundering kick supported by prominent bass that rumbles throughout ahead of ‘Cap Down’ which offers organic percussion, and sharp chord stabs to close the release with a high-octane energy.

Los Pastores ‘Reminder’ EP is out on Decay Records on 27th July 2018.

Los Pastores - Reminder EP cover


  • Los Pastores - Reminder (Original)
  • Los Pastores - Reminder (Matt Tolfrey Remix)
  • Los Pastores - Challenger (Original)
  • Los Pastores - Challenger (Igor Vicente Remix)
  • Los Pastores - Cap Down (Original)


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