MANIK – Laura Palmer Was Here (incl. The Juan Maclean Remix) hero


- Laura Palmer Was Here (incl. The Juan Maclean Remix)

Culprit | 24.08.2018

MANIK – Laura Palmer Was Here (incl. The Juan Maclean Remix) cover

Culprit’s August release is an all-American package that continues the label’s groove-laden, classic House-influenced theme for the summer season. “Laura Palmer Was Here” is the much-welcomed return of Culprit’s most steady contributor throughout the years – Chris Manik aka MANIK – for whom this is the sixth (!) EP on the label.

This New York-to-California transplant has been a consistent proponent of classy, immaculately produced retro dance music where his affection for 80’s & 90’s House/Techno blends with love for old school R’n’B and mastery of thoroughly modern studio techniques. “Basement” has all the elements of an ultimate summertime jam – an impeccable House groove, a deep low end, a simple but effective female vocal loop and the sweet organ riff that’s catchy as… This is the perfect mood enhancer. “Sally” is a Deep House joint – back when House was indeed deep – that evokes the best of Joeski and Miguel Migs jams of yore. Proper.

On the remix duties is another New Yorker – The Juan Maclean – who has been one of the artistic cornerstones of the famed DFA label for a decade and a half and has been gracing the likes of Classic, No. 19 and Rebirth with his music lately. His remix of “Basement” toughens things up a bit, while keeping the essential feel-good factor of the original. Culprit are truly thrilled to welcome one of the best of American electronic artists to their family.

MANIK – Laura Palmer Was Here (incl. The Juan Maclean Remix) cover


  • MANIK – Basement
  • MANIK – Basement (The Juan Maclean remix)
  • MANIK – Sally


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