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Needwant | 03.11.2014

Needwant: 5 Years cover

The London based label Needwant are celebrating 5 years, with over 35 releases to date from house, disco and techno, what better way than to release a compilation of past and future hits for imprint. Artists such Mario Basanov, Kim Ann Foxman, Ejeca, Maxxi Soundsystem all having releases on the label and there tracks and remixes are included within the compilation.

A double disc release with brand new material, CD1 sees new remixes from the Needwant’s back catalog. Tracks that include Nicholas’ remix of Kim Ann Foxman and Maxxi Soundsystem’s take on The Mekanism find a new groove to these already formidable house records.

CD2 is a pick from Needwant catalogue, with tracks such as classic house anthems that are still getting played out today. Kaine feat Kathy Diamond ‘Love Saves The Day’ (Soul Clap remix) and The Revenge ft. Danielle Moore’s cover of ‘Just Be Good To Me’, as well as compelling material from Casino Times, Kim Brown and Bonar Bradberry of PBR Streetgang.

To celebrate the release they are having exclusive party at Ace Hotel Shoreditch.


  • Mark E ? We Could Love (Mark E Sadness of Yesterday Remix)
  • Maxxi Soundsystem ? Make Or Break (Urulu Remix)
  • Bonar Bradberry ? 3two5 (Kiwi Remix)
  • Kiwi ? Mayfly ft. Amy Skippings (The Mekanism Remix)
  • Ejeca ? Forrest (Bonar Bradberry)
  • Casino Times ? I Wanna Know (FETE Remix)
  • Robert Owens ? One Body (Chaos in the CBD Remix)
  • Kim Ann Foxman ? Hypnotic Dance (Nicholas Remix)
  • James Fox ? Holding On (The Revenge Remix)
  • Coyote ? Always (Life Beyond Earth Remix)
  • The Mekanism – Can’t Believe (Maxxi Soundsystem Rework)


  • Casino Times ? I Wanna Know
  • Bonar Bradberry ? 3two5
  • Kaine ft. Kathy Diamond ? Love Saves The Day (Soulclap Remix)
  • The Mekanism ? Can1t Believe
  • Chaos in the CBD ? Mariana Trench
  • Kim Ann Foxman ? Return It (Populette Remix)
  • Ejeca ? Dazed
  • Mario Basanov ? Bill
  • VIMES ? Celestial (Gardens of God Remix)
  • Kim Brown ? Other People1s Space
  • The Revenge ft. Danielle Moore ? Just Be Good To Me (The Revenge Alternative Dub)
  • FETE ? Song For Her
Needwant: 5 Years cover


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