V.A. - Ghetto Traxx 2 EP hero


- Ghetto Traxx 2 EP

Detroitnitz | 21.03.2020

V.A. - Ghetto Traxx 2 EP cover

German label Detroitnitz is back with another essential offering which includes remixes from Mat.Joe and Rawley, as well as originals from DirrtyDishes and Pete Kaltenburg.

Cool Off feat. Missy Elliott (Mat.Joe Rework) is a lively tech house tune with big bass and slick hits. The rude vocal from Missy Elliott lends it a wild side and as the tune continues to pump the party, the crowd is sure to go off.

Bullseye (Rawley Remix) is next up and is a more low slung and sleazy tune with a dark, prying bassline and icy hi hats. A synth like a ringing phone and spiralling pads add tension and ensure you remain utterly locked.

DirrtyDishes – D-Mekka is packed out with some sci-fi melodies and grinding bass that is perfect for cosy back rooms and sweaty basements.

Pete Kaltenburg closes us out with Houseman, a tune packed with dancefloor dynamite, aimed solely for the peak of the night!

This is another winning EP from this hot German label.

V.A. - Ghetto Traxx 2 EP cover


  • Mat.Joe - Cool Off feat. Missy Elliott (Mat.Joe Rework)
  • Bastian Fuchs - Bullseye (Rawley Remix)
  • DirrtyDishes - D-Mekka (Original Mix)
  • Pete Kaltenburg - Houseman (Original Mix)


Bastian FuchsDirrtyDishesMat.JoePete Kaltenburg

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