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Avotre | 25.09.2019

Santé - Current II LP cover

Avotre label boss Santé is to release his second much-anticipated artist album in Spring 2019. Entitled Current II, it comes five years after his debut and features 13 tracks of essential house music from one of the game’s key players, as well as collaborations from friends like Mathias Kaden, Stickel, Tian Karl, Joaquin De Koen and many more.

Germany’s Santé is one of the contemporary house scene’s most vital artists. Over the last decade, he has established his Avotre label as a go-to outlet for modern grooves that make a huge impact on the dance floor, all while himself DJing around the world and turning out plenty of effective club cuts on labels like Cocoon, Desolat, Objektivity, Hot Creations, Rekids and many more.

This superb album reflects on Santé’s new life living & surfing in Portugal, and features collaborations with a number of friends that made for plenty of fun sessions in the studio. It also shows off a more mature musical side to Santé that results in deeper atmospheres and faster tempos, as well as plenty of authentic analogue textures from a lot of the Roland vintage outboard gear he used to create it.

“I think it’s very important for every artist to constantly develop or evolve,” explains Santé. “For me, it’s the most important thing otherwise life gets boring. Also, as a worldwide DJ you are always on the pulse of a crowd and have the responsibility of guiding them, so I like to take some risks and show them new things.”

The result is something immediately timeless, a journey that sweeps you up on a gentle current and flows smoothly from start to finish. It veers from harder techno to garage inspired house, pad heavy rollers to deeper, more jacking grooves via modular synth tracks and emotional, piano laden pieces.

In bringing together classic house and techno from Chicago and Detroit with his own very modern perspective, Santé joins the dots between the past, present and future in fascinating new ways on this standout new album.

Santé - Current II LP cover


  • Santé - Talaboo
  • Santé - Emotional Closure feat. Joaquin DeKoen
  • Santé - Sunset Blvd
  • Santé - Dirty Hands
  • Santé - Metaphysical
  • Santé - Lets make It feat. Mathias Kaden
  • Santé - Talk About
  • Santé - Twisted Love
  • Santé - Trust Issues feat. Tian Karl
  • Santé - Resist
  • Santé - Blink
  • Santé - Enemy feat. Iko Mowsa
  • Santé - Lost Souls feat. Stickel



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